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Here you can find the current events and news of the forum. Be sure to keep yourself updated with the announcements posted here.

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Got a question, problem or suggestion? Then this is your area! Post here and be heard. Members and staff will do their best to help solve your problem.

» This is a support board FOR THIS FORUM ONLY. If you have problems with the actual Dragon Cave site, please seek help at their forums!

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You can talk about anything here. Bored? Come join the Forum Games board in here!

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Discuss the Dragon Cave site in general here.

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Discuss anything about the roleplay site here, or come find people to roleplay with. A Plot Discussions board can be found here if you are looking for others to create a unique storyline with!

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No New Posts Dragon Cave Biographies

Here you can post up biographies of the different dragons you use on this site. Note though that biography creation is optional and not needed to role play on this site!

» Only ONE thread per person; keep all characters here with as many posts in that thread as you want.
» DO NOT post in other people's biographies!

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Here you may register your clan for people to join. Once you have the needed amount of members, PM the admin and your clan will be created and will receive
its own board for meetings and such.

» Registrations Currently: OPEN

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// RP :: Mainland

No New Posts Okura Forest

Ominous fog hangs over various parts of this forest. Deep near its heart, can be found the Lake of Life; the purest waters in the world, it is said that its minerals posses healing powers blessed by White dragons. Rivers of this water flow generously through the forest where the trees are varied in size and thickness and life thrives in whatever way it can.

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Sub-board: Hatchling Clearing

No New Posts Sunshine Meadow

A place where the sun shines happily and the rain pours cheerfully, the aura of this large and flowery field radiates positivity at all corners. Near its far rear can be found the Hatchling Patch, where hatchlings may roam happily and in the safety of the Higher One. All in all, the Sunshine Meadow is a great place to play around in and meet new friends.

» Fighting is discouraged here.

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Sub-board: Hatchling Patch

No New Posts 80 Mile Beach

The a fitting name for a beach that stretches past the horizon. Soft sands, clean water and a gentle climate...this beach is the perfect place for a summer's day and an ocean swim. Its also a hot-spot at night for romancers to gather, and for sneaky young dragons who venture out of the nest under their parents' sleeping eyes...

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No New Posts Drakensberg

Three towering mountains reside in these wide ranges and while the two on the sides are relative to exploring, the middle range, better known as Dragon's Peak, is dangerous for both general travellers and battlers alike. Known for its deadly battlegrounds, many gather at this peak to test their strengths against one another, often ending with fatalities. A temple can be found residing on the peak of the right-most mountain, where many pilgrim dragons travel to pay respect to the guardian spirits of the land.

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Sub-board: Dragon's Peak

No New Posts Sulphuric Plateau

A terrible stench fills the air here for those unaccustomed to the hydrogen sulphide that carpets this volcanic plain. Much like a landmine field, travellers play with their lives by getting too close to this volcano's heart, especially when it begins to rumble. Somewhat dormant, the region has seen a few eruptions from time to time- hot ash clouds are the local residents' evacuation cue.

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// RP :: Inland

No New Posts Abandoned City

An old and torn apart city, little life is found here. Many years ago this used to be a bustling city full of humans but now it lies abandoned and destroyed. Shelter is not recommended as most of what is left of buildings is near collapse, and poses many risks. This is a very shady and dark place to be, and there seem to be a lot of things moving in the shadows here.

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No New Posts Ancient Shrine

Far inland can be found a clearing with strange buildings and monuments, crumbling from old age. On closer inspection, it can be noted that these constructs date even further back than the Abandoned City, and many claim this area to be hallowed ground. Pyramidal shapes and fallen columns surround a large open temple, which now has all manner of plant life growing inside, the most obvious being large vines and thick roots from nearby aged trees. This was once believed to be the site of a religious or cult human group that worshipped a strange dragon only known today by faded carvings on the temple walls. They were thought to have some kind of relations with the mages that resided in the now City of the Drowned.

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No New Posts Blood Valley

This daunting place has been the deathbed of many who have fought in clan battles. Now a days, death is not a mark here but blood is still spilt as clans fight for dominance, and this large playing field remains their battleground. Anyone is allowed to enter at their own risk.

» Clan battling is encouraged here.

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No New Posts Desert Bowl

The nearby sand dunes surround this area, forming a protected and secluded bowl shaped centre that is as large as a mountain base. This area is the perfect battleground for those wishing to prove their worth as fighting champions; there are no additional objects here to interfere with battle, and dragons must rely solely on their own skills to make it out alive. Watch out for sandstorms though.

» Only battling is allowed here.

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No New Posts Crystal Mountain

A complete contrast to all the bloody battles in the background, Crystal Mountain is a special place- a small mountain at the distance whose deep caverns are filled with crystals of all shapes and sizes. This area is sacred, and dragons should not be breaking the crystals to keep for themselves, but a small piece that has already broken away from the cave wall may be taken. Healer dragons often come to this place to search for crystal bits to keep and use in their healing practices.

» Battling is highly discouraged here.

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// RP :: The Waters

No New Posts City of the Drowned

This once used to be a large seaside town but was overwhelmed when a tsunami struck its shore, and all inhabitants that couldn't escape drowned. The humans who lived here were known to be powerful mages who drew their strengths from an unknown source in the ocean nearby. It is rumoured that one of their experiments was the cause of their own demise. Now this town lies under somewhat shallow water, treasures yet to be discovered as dragons swim through these waters and investigate for themselves. There are some areas where bits of landmass or building tops remain above water; these are ideal spots for dragons who don't live in water to rest on.

» Only dragons that can swim can access this board.

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No New Posts The Vurlahx Trench

A deep void in the ocean, this trench is deceptively deep.... and deceptively full of life. The darkness that thrives in the lower regions will consume any unwary traveller who takes little care in their ventures. On occasion, a strange vibration can be felt rippling from the deeper depths of this trench.

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No New Posts Tussuck Island

An island similar to that of Holiday Island but only more rugged, more dangerous and less gentle bush-life. The jungle that lies here is harsh, full of alien plants and vines and the small mountain cliffs have many sheer faces and steady drops. The beach is always littered with seaweed and driftwood, making a sore sight for eyes, but a beacon of opportunity for those wishing to test themselves against the brutalities of nature.

» Only Swimming (long-distance) and Flying dragons may access this board.

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No New Posts Holiday Island

Located away from the main land, this medium sized island is nothing short of paradise. The waters that lap on the white-sanded beach are tropical, beautifully clear and warm. A small jungle inhabits part of the island where prey and life flourish in plenty, and even in scarce conditions food may be found. Fruit is so bountiful it can be called a pest and a very small mountain next to the jungle provides a steady and safe trek up to a beautiful island view. A truly spectacular getaway.

» No battling is allowed here.
» A dragon mage will transport any dragon to this island and back, so flying or swimming is not required.

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